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How To Make Money From NFT Games!

2022.01.16 22:00 Haunting_Pride4018 How To Make Money From NFT Games!

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2022.01.16 22:00 SnooPies8301 How were escaped Death Eaters working inside the Ministry when they were trying to keep their coup hush hush?

So, getting into a bit of fan theory here. Something I've just been thinking about this morning.
The Death Eaters were trying to keep their coup on the down low:
"The coup has been smooth and virtually silent," said Lupin.
"The official version of Scrimgeour's murder is that he resigned; he has been replaced by Pius Thicknesse, who is under the Imperius Curse."
"Why didn't Voldemort declare himself Minister of Magic?" asked Ron.
Lupin laughed.
"He doesn't need to, Ron. Effectively, he is the Minister, but why should he sit behind a desk at the Ministry? His puppet, Thicknesse, is taking care of everyday business, leaving Voldemort free to extend his power beyond the Ministry."
"Naturally many people have deduced what has happened: There has been such a dramatic change in Ministry policy in the last few days, and many are whispering that Voldemort must be behind it. However, that is the point: They whisper. They daren't confide in each other, not knowing whom to trust; they are scared to speak out, in case their suspicions are true and their families are targeted. Yes, Voldemort is playing a very clever game. Declaring himself might have provoked open rebellion: Remaining masked has created confusion, uncertainty, and fear."
(DH Chapter 11)
So we know there was a dramatic change in Ministry policy in terms of going after Harry and muggleborns and that they didn't overtly say "I, Lord Voldemort am now in control of the government." Yet, one part of their "dramatic change" in policy I feel sure would give the coup away.
We know from when the Trio break into the Ministry, they run into Umbridge who addresses Hermione (as Mafalda):
Ah, Mafalda!" said Umbridge, looking at Hermione. "Travers sent you, did he?"
(DH Chapter 13)
Umbridge mentions a Death Eater called Travers. We know from this passage that he's an escapee from Azkaban:
"Hermione, there's obviously been a mass breakout which the Ministry has hushed up. Travers's hood fell off when I cursed him, he's supposed to be inside too." [Kingsley]
(DH Chapter 5)
It's also heavily implied that Yaxley also in an Azkaban escapee:
He threw the Invisibility Cloak aside as the brutal-faced Death Eater, last to leave the tower top, was disappearing through the door.
"Petrificus Totalus!"
The Death Eater buckled as though hit in the back with something solid and fell to the ground, rigid as a waxwork, but he had barely hit the floor when Harry was clambering over him and running down the darkened staircase.
(HBP Chapter 28)
"Somebody Stupefied a Death Eater on top of the Tower after Dumbledore died." [Scrimgeour]
(HBP Chapter 30)
Of course here there is inconsistency. Scrimgeour says the Death Eater was Stupefied, while Yaxley (the brutal faced Death Eater - although not named in the text, all the sites [at least 5] I have looked at have named him as such) was clearly placed in a body-bind curse. But he was the only Death Eater incapacitated at the top of the Tower. This could be a simple author error which happens at times.
But these two passages imply that he was sent to Azkaban, yet under Voldemort/Thicknesse, he was made the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, arguably the second most senior position in the Ministry and the presumed last stop before the person becomes Minister (Crouch Sr as head of the DMLE was considered front runner for the position before Fudge took over and was only not chosen because of the business with his son, [controversial this I know given it's the Cursed Cursed Child] Hermione was head of the DMLE before becoming Minister, as was Thicknesse).
So based on this, two known Death Eaters were placed into position of power in the Ministry. Surely that's a giveaway. It's one thing to radically change policy, it's another to give known, convicted criminals supposed to be locked up positions of power.
We know that they had a pretext for their policy changes in regards to wanting to apprehend Harry (Question him for information regarding Dumbledore's death) and persecuting Muggleborns (fake research that muggleborns stole magic), but what pretext could they have for giving known Death Eaters positions of power?
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2022.01.16 22:00 seoulbrova Tucker on Twitter: Kellen Moore called that QB draw so he can get McCarthy's job

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2022.01.16 22:00 cklug Fun quilt I made for a friend. She picked the fabric with the hearts.

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2022.01.16 22:00 Drillmhor How’s the snow in north Georgia?

How are things in the north of the state? Did y’all get good snow cover? Seems like NE should have gotten the most
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2022.01.16 22:00 ctravdfw My Arc is finally here and unlike the Cowboys it does not disappoint!!

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2022.01.16 22:00 Soulwindow How does one go about fixing this?

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2022.01.16 22:00 iamchris1111 Is this neon white the start of penicillium? And how do these cultures look aside from cloudy because I didn’t strain it. Still healthy? The black specs are coffee grounds because I made these from colonized grain spawn. Also can I shake jars up 3 times to when “fully” colonized to avoid contam?

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2022.01.16 22:00 menace416 Join my Live Group "Stacey’s Cakes 🤍", ONLY valid for 24h.

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2022.01.16 22:00 Orizammar looking for a space heater that'll last a long time

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2022.01.16 22:00 Livid_Ad_517 Leaky carb: part 2

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2022.01.16 22:00 biggaylikewoman Good places to rockhound in Adelaide?

So I'm really into collecting rocks and minerals and was wondering of their are any good places to find them myself. I quite often visit local shops to buy my rocks however, I want to start finding my own.
Thank you to anyone who can help!
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2022.01.16 22:00 matiasvop [Nissan 370z Nismo] In Santiago, Chile

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2022.01.16 22:00 Awesome_N22 Is the Paperwhite waterproof ?

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2022.01.16 22:00 AyaCupcake COVID-19 hospital visit

I tested positive for Covid on Thursday and finally saw a video doctor today as I’m having a difficult time with it. I just got referred to A&E and I was wondering if anyone knew if Hermitage would be willing to take Covid patients? I know the A&E only opens at 8am but with the normal hospital wait times that’ll still have me seen to earlier than Tallaght would.
Sidenote - I won’t just walk in without letting them know as I wouldn’t want to infect anyone.
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2022.01.16 22:00 haruy-iip0ca [FOR HIRE] OPEN COMISSIONS! - portraits, fanarts and more! (more info in comments)

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2022.01.16 22:00 MLG_Gamer2000 ?I might sound stupid, but hear me out:

What's the difference between adding downforce and just adding weights? Weights improve grip at launch and reduce drag at high speeds. The car weighs like 200kg more with the downforce and has a lot of air resistance, while with weights it weighs 200kg more minus the air resistance. I think that strategically placed weights are better than aero, but I might be wrong.
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2022.01.16 22:00 Ruh_Roh- Oh wicked, you're wicked, you're wicked eh?

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2022.01.16 22:00 FunOptimal3559 What am I thinking

So, I was thinking about how much I think what other people think about us. But, what do I think about the other person? I asked myself this question and my thoughts are sometimes bizzare.
Obviously there are some people that I dislike. But usually its for understandable reasons, such as: * He's telling me what to do all the time. * He's is screaming at me at inappropriate time.
But if I meet a "normal" person and try to focus on what I think of them, all hell breaks loose.
It's like reverse SA but the results are exactly the same. I automatically start to hate them as much as I can. I start calling them names in my head. Yes, it's disgusting and bad, I understand that fully. It's a defence mechanism. Reversed anxiety.
I feel like I forgot what love or friendship is. I envy those people so bad, man. I want to show them that I desperately want them. That I don't really care about what happened to them. What their status is or any other abstarct bullshit. I don't fucking care. They are people. All people are the same. I want to show them love, but I can't for the love of me. I forgot what it's like to be authentic.
People are the most important thing. But I'm stuck in this fucking never ending loop.
I want to write more but I keep going into 100 different directions. So maybe I'll stop.
How the fuck are some people happy? How is that possible? I can't remember the last time I was truly happy. Sure I felt joy, but not happiness.
Fuck man... Why me?? What the fuck. What the fuck will I remember 10 years from now? Just the squeezing pain that has no end. I'm so fucking worthless. So unstable. So weak.
Anyway, have a nice day.
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2022.01.16 22:00 WillingnessMean9 Which way do you go in NoReplay Pass?

Do you go forward or turn right?
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2022.01.16 22:00 Butterfly_kiss02 My painting: Beautiful angel playing with ducks 💜💖🦆🐥🐥🌸🌷🌺🌼🌻🌈

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2022.01.16 22:00 Baron-Munc Mild respiratory SARS-CoV-2 infection can cause multi-lineage cellular dysregulation and myelin loss in the brain

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2022.01.16 22:00 Clarinetaphoner Tulsa DT Jaxon Player transfers to Baylor

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2022.01.16 22:00 thisismyusernameAMA Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

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2022.01.16 22:00 knobbie-gobbler How do you stop yourself love bombing?

Every now and then, I find a new FP or start connecting with someone where the connection just feels so deep. I know I have a tendency to have large expressions of love, even towards platonic friends. I recognise this behaviour as unhealthy and potentially manipulative.
I don't want to cross any boundaries to make the person feel uncomfortable, or sacrifice parts of myself for someone else.
So I guess my question is, what strategies do you employ to stop yourself love bombing, and to draw clearer boundaries with people in your life?
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