2022.01.16 21:20 Dan_the_m3m3_man_ hehehehaw

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2022.01.16 21:20 OsmiumOG [USA-IL][W] Laptop i5/R5, 8gb+, 256gb+ [H] Paypal, Cash

Looking for a 14-15.6" laptop, preferably just a standard integrated GPU or low tier dedicated. Mainly looking for a thin and light laptop. Not too worried about light cosmetic wear but would prefer a non burned or damaged screen.
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2022.01.16 21:20 chimkinsarehealthy Request for glitching spots

Anyone got some glitching spots for my skin? I can't figure out 95% of this to make one myself lol
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2022.01.16 21:20 Graftalz Hey guys, what do you think? 29M

As title, I'm not sure about the photo order and bio, I'd like to hear what do you think? Thanks!
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2022.01.16 21:20 pflage TIL Mr. Bean did a live performance at the London 2012 Olympic Games

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2022.01.16 21:20 Principe_Guido Is San universally lovable?

I have huge sympathy towards San, and for a long time after seeing the movie without thinking I simply assumed she is just universally this lovable. Recently I was surprised to have someone tell me they didn't particularly like her.
I acknowledge that my affinity for San may be due to the fact that there are people who have a special place in my biography and heart who have qualities and characteristics very reminiscent of San. And it could be either way around: it may be that I just like these qualities and hence I appreciate them both in San and in real people; or it may be that I came to care for these people, possibly for reasons other than their San-ness, and because of that I adore San.
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2022.01.16 21:20 atxtopdx I have about three dozen, individually wrapped, Christmas cookies. Would it be a nice gesture to gift them to my local (Walgreen’s) pharmacy employees? If they were regular cookies I wouldn’t hesitate, but since they aren’t, this kind of feels like … an obvious regift? Yay or nay?

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2022.01.16 21:20 zaruskito Resista

Pessoas livres nunca permanecerão livres se não estiverem dispostas
Se necessário, a lutar por seus interesses vitais

Eu assisto sua besteira de fora para dentro, seu desrespeito e ódio
Você acha que é melhor que seu compatriota
Controlado pelo medo você sela seu destino
Como você pode pisar em mim, violar, profanar e me odiar
Mas eu sou como você, como você, de carne e osso, sou apenas humano

Eu resisto à pressão de ser quem você quer que eu seja
Eu resisto à pressão, resisto, então sou livre

Eu vejo através de seus modos condescendentes, enquanto você olha para mim
Mas eu nunca poderia ficar e julgar como você, eu resisto, então sou livre
Minha paz de espírito, paz de espírito me libertará
Mas eu sou como você, como você, de carne e osso, precisando de revolução
Eu resisto, então estou livre

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2022.01.16 21:20 edgebets Looking for a center or lock for Puma 3s or Proam. LMK! Ps5

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2022.01.16 21:20 MasterOfSome629 Frozen Store Bought Garlic Bread

I was impatient and put frozen garlic bread in the oven before it preheated to the correct temperature. It had been in the oven about 5 minutes when I pulled it out (which is on the lower end of the suggested time), but it was only in there at the correct temperature for about 3 minutes. I pulled it out because it looked like it was getting burnt at the bottom. I ate about half of it before getting to the middle and realizing it probably wasn’t completely cooked. Am I going to have a bad night?
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2022.01.16 21:20 SiliconeraOfficial Kasuga and Zhao Top Yakuza: Like a Dragon Popularity Poll

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2022.01.16 21:20 Chunk13Munk13 [NA] [T4] Flex Player Looking For a Team

IGN- Chunk13Munk13
Hi! I normally play Support and JG but I can flex pick any role.
I have a mic and Discord so feel free to msg me if you want me on your team :3
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2022.01.16 21:20 stallion1485 Can I get an upvote?

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2022.01.16 21:20 Aggravating_Swan_364 Jobs for NFT Discord Mods

Hi everyone,
To hype the community we are looking for several mods who love gaming, crypto, and engaging with people throughout the day.
we have a premium NFT upcoming. Marketing campaign is going to start 02/22
Our NFT offers access to a AAA+ Sport Manager P2E Game with 3D NFT Managers and Athletes
Tasks required:
1) Welcome new members to our Server.
2) Explain them the benefits of our NFT
2) Engage with them in General Chat and hype the atmosphere
3) Remove scam posts and direct people to post in the appropriate channels.
4) Join other related servers and invite people to join our server.
Must be fluent in English. Additional languages are very welcome!
Mods are allowed to participate in a community league with a price pool of $ 60.000.
Every mod will receive a free NFT.
After public mint every mod will receive a share of the $5.000 modpool due to his/her engagement. After Mint we will renegotiate a monthly salary.
Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks! You can apply directly to me or send an email to [sbpks@yahoo.de](mailto:sbpks@yahoo.de).
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2022.01.16 21:20 binarynate Thought for sure these were our boy Griffin (spotted at Parts and Labour in Austin)

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2022.01.16 21:20 hanbanana12 Dying Light and TLOU

The Last of Us was the first video game I ever completely finished along with the second game and after finishing it every game I try to play just never seems to match up to how good it is. I’ve heard of the Uncharted series and Dying Light and I was just wondering if they are as good as TLOU. I’m currently playing Red Dead 2 and I haven’t gotten too far into it just yet either.
Has anyone played other games that have been as good as this series? It’s genuinely my favorite game and I’ve played through both twice and would love to play another game or series that is just as good. I’m also waiting for the Life is Strange remaster in Feb so I have that coming too.
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2022.01.16 21:20 emptypeachwater 20F - I just wanna have someone to talk to (nearly) everyday :(1

hi !
decided to give it a shot again here, I just feel unmotivated to do anything rn so I'm on my phone without anyone having to text, like day in and day out.
only 18-25 years, otherwise I will not respond. <3 and not only with a "hi how are you", don't know what to answer, thanks :)
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2022.01.16 21:20 AlienX100 Help me find specific articles/cases like the Ronald Opus case.

So I recently came across the Ronald Opus case, and the twists blew me away quite a bit! I’m looking for articles/cases that are just as interesting (if not more) than this.
Gold to each and everyone who can link an article like this. The articles must be bite sized, or at the very maximum, a couple pages long. These articles should be thought provoking, and engaging as well. Can be fictional or non fictional.
Please give me a day or two to go through the articles entirely, and if I think it matches all I need or if I haven’t seen it before, you get a gold (or even a platinum if the submission is brilliant!)
Ends in 24 hours.
Here’s a link to the Ronald Opus Case, if anyone’s interested.
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2022.01.16 21:20 katiem1236 Saw this at an antique store. Would you wear this?

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2022.01.16 21:20 jbledsmusic Underground Hip Hop / Lofi Playlist / Nearly 100 Followers / The Beats and Rhymes / Growing Fast

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2022.01.16 21:20 PUZZLESANDCUMPIRES Play Puzzles and Empires NOW!

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2022.01.16 21:20 ErikHologram Leni's Drum and Bass Show - Vol 47

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2022.01.16 21:20 wolfieboi92 I made the #GrisSwimsuit because I can't draw hot Anime Girls wearing it.

I made the #GrisSwimsuit because I can't draw hot Anime Girls wearing it. submitted by wolfieboi92 to 3Dmodeling [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 21:20 Economy-Ad5398 God of war

Anybody got any news if god of war or elden ring will be added also?
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2022.01.16 21:20 Equivalent-Summer974 Dad must be really good at masking

Because I was told by my mom he has ADHD years ago . yet I never seen him show any traits what so ever
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