How do two hydrogen atoms know to attach to one oxygen atom? Why do two gas elements combine to make this jelly stuff we can float and swim in?

2021.12.03 03:56 anywayorange How do two hydrogen atoms know to attach to one oxygen atom? Why do two gas elements combine to make this jelly stuff we can float and swim in?

I will try to elaborate a little. I've not ever been so good with this type of thing so I'm sorry if I don't use the right words.
So the joining of the atoms happens in an explosion I guess, but Gow do yeo hydrogen atoms know to attack to one oxygen atom? Why not 3:1? Or 1:1?
Also, how do these two gases which are pretty light from what I've heard, combine to make something so different from a gas? What properties of each gas makes it turn into a thick jelly that can support weight, and be so thick and heavy.. Split into pieces and come back together etc.
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2021.12.03 03:56 Worried_Citron_1303 We might get a lot of loot when 30th anniversary comes out

It's not a leak just how I think it is based on the new screenshots from steam.First the 6 man activity at the end we have chest with symbols on them which look like different pieces of gear.I don't think it would be a feature with only few guns to grab.the 30th anniversary pack might shake the sandbox a little not talking about the guns but rather about mods you can see the icon on the chest.In the end we end with prolly lots of loot from the activity and the dungeon
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2021.12.03 03:56 Bhrutus Emma

Hi, yesterday evening i started rereading TDA and I realized that I've gone through all 3 books without even imagining how Emma looks. I don't have such problems with for example Christina, because I just took the image of Triss from the Netflix Witcher series and slimmed her down a bit.The problem with Emma is that i can't think of any character seminarium to her So, could you pass me aby good fanarts with Emma and maybe Julian too?
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2021.12.03 03:56 jamiex304 Heaven Official's Blessing - Episode 5 - "Daily Life at Puqi Temple" Dubs Available Now on Funimation !

Reminder: Please do not discuss plot points not yet seen in the dub version of the show without warning and use of the spoiler tag.
Heaven Official's Blessing - Episode 5 - "Daily Life at Puqi Temple"
Dub Available Now on Funimation !
Previous Discussion Threads:

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2021.12.03 03:56 March_Explorer 龍記單車 Lung Kee Bike (LK Bike)

龍記單車 Lung Kee Bike (LK Bike) 龍記單車 Lung Kee Bike (LK Bike)
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2021.12.03 03:56 DilutedAmmonia addicted to technology

I am addicted to technology. When I am not studying for my classes online or at work I am using social media such as instagram, Tik Tok or watching movies and YouTube videos. It is insane that this is normalized. There are a million things going on in my head while I am on my technology where it feels like I am living a normal day because of how much stimuli I am receiving, but on the outside perspective I am just alone in my room staring at a screen for at least 8 hours a day. I am addicted severely and I do not know how to stop or why it is even so difficult to stop.
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2021.12.03 03:55 VigilantCreative Join Our WhatsApp Group, To Make Friends, Combat Depression, Anxiety, Traumas & The Loneliness Epidemic, Together.

Be The Change You Want To See.
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Here's the short link to the TET Observer which will be able to place you back in the main WhatsApp group :
TET Observer Direct Message : TET Observer DM.
We're on Discord as well. The link is available in the primary group description once you join.
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2021.12.03 03:55 ResidentSouth3531 ناموسا اینطوری نیست 😐😐😐

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2021.12.03 03:55 Acrobatic-Star750 Vivobook touchpad issues

Hi, my laptop model is vivobook s14 m433i and sometimes when I use the touchpad it starts to jump around and becomes uncontrollable. The problem seems to go away for a while when I restart the laptop. I tried to reinstall the drivers but it was of no use. Would really appreciate the help.
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2021.12.03 03:55 No_Car5235 A perfect amount of uniqueness to the piece which makes it amazing and it's worth it!

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2021.12.03 03:55 IllustriousMinimum2 How extensive is your BBW collection ?

I saw a post on this sub about a guy asking if his gf was crazy , and then proceeding to post a photo of her candle me thinking, how extensive is the typical BBW-lover's collection?
I've also got a full 4 tier shelf of their creams/lotions/fragrances nd ordered more due to all the wonderful sales.....tell me I'm normal, guys :)
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2021.12.03 03:55 GlobalTie4 Perspective is everything

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2021.12.03 03:55 Bathroom_Quick Problems with refunding im gamę buy in csgo

When im sending request they still saying the same : we will not issue a refund for this purchase due to multiple returns made recently. remember that a refund is not a way to try the game
Have you guys any idea how to refude items bought on csgo ?
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2021.12.03 03:55 GazetaPravda Бероев не сдержался после откровенного призыва: "Эксперименты над людьми"

Бероев не сдержался после откровенного призыва: Царьград
Актёр Егор Бероев на странице в Instagram признался, что ему грустно от продолжающегося противостояния по признаку вакцинации. По его мнению, крайне сомнительной выглядит идея о введении QR-кодов. Он считает это цифровым экспериментом над людьми.
Дискуссия вокруг введения QR-кодов после вакцинации не утихает. Накануне ведущий Юлий Гусман заклеймил знаменитостей - противников вакцинации. В эфире программы "Легенда" он отметил, что знает этих людей лично и хорошо к ним относится, но согласиться с их позицией не может. "Не в обиду никому, я очень люблю Машу Шукшину, я хорошо отношусь к другим участникам этих дел. Это преступление", - сказал в эфире Юлий Гусман.
С такой позицией не согласен актёр Егор Бероев. На днях - после открытого письма врачей к противникам вакцинации - он дал ответ в своём Instagram. Бероев объяснил, что само разделение на "ваксеров" и "антиваксеров" недопустимо. Артист констатировал, что в обществе продолжается разделение между людьми.
"Ни я, ни кто-то из моих коллег никогда не выступали против вакцины как таковой! Повторяю: делать или не делать предлагаемую вакцину - личное дело каждого. Я за свободу выбора и против любой формы принуждения, я за соблюдение закреплённых в Конституции прав и свобод граждан, я за неприкосновенность личности, за уважение человеческого достоинства и я за неравнодушие!" - подчеркнул он.
Актёр также отметил, что не может понять целесообразность внедрения системы QR-кодов. По его словам, это не что иное, как цифровой эксперимент.
"Мы можем много чего посетить, но не ответим на главный вопрос: как цифровые технологии слежения за передвижением человека связаны с обеспечением его здоровья и лечения? И какое это имеет отношение к цифровым и медицинским экспериментам над людьми? Я считаю, они недопустимы", - категорично заметил Бероев.
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2021.12.03 03:55 NataliaNatsuki /u/NataliaNatsuki SL Network Rep Profile

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2021.12.03 03:55 Foundjazmiin If we are to be Jesus-like why aren't we following the Laws of the Torah?

We believe in the Jewish Messiah but we do not follow the Jewish Laws, why? If Jesus did, why dont we do it too? These Laws were given to Moses by our God (Yahweh) but all of a sudden we dont need them anymore?
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2021.12.03 03:55 AlohaMikan Hitman Fauna (also bald ver.)

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2021.12.03 03:55 teddiesteddies Served me well for 6 years, and it's time for a new one!

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2021.12.03 03:55 CHARLIE_8956 Please blow this up so Danny sees...

My little sister Sofia is 9 years old and is Danny's biggest fan. For Christmas it would be amazing if u/dannygregzalez could wish her a merry Christmas.
I don't know if this will work but it would mean the world if he replied, maybe in another reddit video.
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2021.12.03 03:55 pfcalisesi $100 In Crypto Sign Up Bonus! Get Cashback in crypto from popular stores such as ebay, best buy and more!

Social Good is a shopping app that gives you cashback for your purchases (up to 100%). They have a decent amount of stores to choose from including ebay which currently is offering 50% cash back.
You are paid out in SG which is the Social Good coin. You can cash out this via the exchanges listed on the app. All info can be found in the "how to use app" section and the FAQ section on app.
To quality for the $100 dollars you must make a qualified purchase of $30 or more in 30 days of signing up. Once purchases are verified they pay out in a month or so, some stores take different times.
Link Below!
📲Use invitation code: S5PXBP to get $100
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2021.12.03 03:55 JustALeatherDog How Starbucks Employees Reading /r/antiwork Must Feel Today

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2021.12.03 03:55 Wheyprotein200 Fredagskänslan är igång!

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2021.12.03 03:55 0xdea Jumping the air gap: 15 years of nation‑state effort

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2021.12.03 03:55 ambikadas Pakistan Embassy Serbia on Twitter

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2021.12.03 03:55 fan2367 October Megahaul!

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