🌎⚡ #schumannresonance Cumiana, Italy December 3rd 2021, 8:00AM UTC

2021.12.03 05:03 Bonus1Fact 🌎⚡ #schumannresonance Cumiana, Italy December 3rd 2021, 8:00AM UTC

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2021.12.03 05:03 Captain_Pepperoni Kasparov

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2021.12.03 05:03 indoraptor124 Trading for a skin that i didn't have

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2021.12.03 05:03 Dry-Imagination2665 How to deal with store manager’s mood swings.

My SM is really off the handle. She yells about pharmacy needing help and how we are only to go back to do code green. She yells and leaves passive aggressive messages on our theatros.
She keeps going back and forth of saying we are short staffed. so truck not being done in 24 hours is understandable. Then yelling at leadership as to why it’s not getting done in the time frame. This is one of many examples I can give.
She talks about leadership to each other trying to turn them against each other. It’s dramatic and chaotic. She also praises the people who don’t do anything. My coworkers are all sick of the toxic environment she’s created.
Our bays haven’t been pulled decently in months. Our stockroom is awful. Our IS is in pharmacy 70% of their shift and shifts have to keep doing their job as well. Going into work hasn’t been pleasant.
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2021.12.03 05:03 AsphaltBeckons "[Anti-Christian slur] actively attempt to convert catholics to Protestantism, an action that will lead the catholics to hell. [Anti-Christian slur] hate us too … People from outside the in-group are bad."

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2021.12.03 05:03 -TYRS- What tastes nicer than it smells?

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2021.12.03 05:03 BluebirdDizzy Shared items

So I'm very curious, the game says you can unlock items here and in console versions and they crossover, but does anyone know exactly what items can and cannot transfer?
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2021.12.03 05:03 Plastic_Ad857 My VERY heavily gifted and loved Sherb is moving on. Would anyone love to give him a new home? I am going to miss him so much 😭

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2021.12.03 05:03 kbh022 XYO redeem directly to coinbase pro

I have been redeeming xyo from coin and depositing those in my metamask wallet. From there, I transfer xyo to coinbase pro for trade, which requires very high gas. So, instead of doin this, can I redeem XYO directly to the coinbase pro by providing the XYO wallet address at coinbase pro to the coin app? Thankful in advance for any suggestions!
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2021.12.03 05:03 MissionPuzzleheaded8 Contest! Bellowing Bones! Difficulty: High. Threat: High-High (ranks are like low-low, then low-medium, then low-high, then medium-low and so on)

APPEARANCE: Combination of Armored Skeleton and Sapper but with a twist...it's fast and flying!
Bellowing Bones completely looks like Sapper but has almost the speed of an Armored Skeleton. It has multiple balloons carrying it, 6 to be exact (it makes him fly like the balloon zombie from the first plants vs. zombies game), Bellowing Bones also carries 2 molotov cocktails, both on it's left and right hand.
DESCRIPTION: An extremely dangerous zombie the floats over obstacles and sends death from above.
Health: 100, 1 (balloons)
Damage: 12 (regular attack), 20 (damage when dropping molotov cocktail), 10 (per second when unit is on fire because of molotov cocktail), 25 (when falling)
Speed: 14 (Flying), 10 (when all balloons pop)
PERKS: Flight (Icon is similar to Glenn's resurecction perk), Bullet resistance (90%), Melee resistance (50%)
Like all zombies, Bellowing Bones can stop once in a while, either flying or not. When meeting obstacles like Barrels or Generators, BB (Bellowing Bones) will simply fly over it and completely ignore it.
For your units it will be the same thing, but BB will have a chance to either drop one Molotov or keep moving. Ranged units are the only things that can attack BB, but once there are 3 or less ballons on BB, melee units can now attack him, but he will still float over and ignore obstacles.
BB is a special case, only ranged units can attack him, but it is most recommended to use Sniper Polina to go through his bullet protection, BUT since his balloons are so weak any damage can kill 1 of them, so you can still get him on the ground, but the bullet resistance will become a problem. But for some reason Farmer Bill won't hit BB's balloons.
When BB's balloons are all popped, he will fall to the ground damaging anyone, becoming a Sapper (Sapper will have 10 speed though), but if he has at least one or two molotov cocktails still in his hands before being popped, they will fly randomly across the field, becoming a threat both to your enemies and your troops.
But if he manages to slip past your units and goes near the bus, he will have a unique animation where he continues to fly higher, eventually going over the bus, however BB can only do this if he has more than 3 balloons. Upon going over the bus all the balloons will pop and BB, now turned Sapper will start attacking the bus. But farmer Bill and the closest ranged units will turn to him and start firing, this is why you'll need Sniper Polina because of her resistance penetration.
If BB doesn't have enough Balloons to go over the bus, it will be simply just him hitting the bus, but if he still has a molotov or two, it will be the same thing once all his balloons are popped.
Eventually nature will take it's course, that being BB turning into Sapper once balloons are popped then Sapper turning into Armored skeleton and so on.
LOCATIONS: Stages 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.
ABILITIES: -Flies over obstacles
-Bullet resistance (90% damage reduction)
-Melee resistance (50% damage reduction)
-Multiple ways of attacking
-Fast attack speed
-Can avoid melee units
-Turns into Sapper upon death
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2021.12.03 05:03 ganchimi I do not understand the cognitive functions whatsoever.

No matter how many websites I find and read upon, functions make no sense to me. I read one thing and think I am one function, and then I think I’m the other the next minute. I can’t decide on functions, let alone what order they’d be in. I do not know if that tells me something about my functions or what.
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2021.12.03 05:03 wacky4alanis Posted a bunch of videos from the Boston and New Haven shows on YouTube

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2021.12.03 05:03 Rare-Faithlessness30 Key Locations around G Cappa Estate in Lagos

For folks looking to get an apartment at the G Cappa Estate in Lagos, here is a list of grocery stores, utility spots around the estate.
Just an alternative to searching on google map
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2021.12.03 05:03 Lavrentio15 Italian generals Umberto Ricagno, Emilio Battisti and Etelvoldo Pascolini (left to right) shortly after their release from Soviet captivity, May 1950

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2021.12.03 05:03 sharewithme Word of The Hour: probative

probative: serving for trial or proof
See tree for probative: https://treegledictionary.org/define/probative
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2021.12.03 05:03 11sharkfin Day 3

I realized i was stuck in what Im coining as the G paradox.
IT's a gambler's paradox, where one tries to make money by gambling and instead loses it. And by trying to make up the money they lost, they lose more money. So this diseased individual continually LOSES money in an attempt to make money.
It makes no sense yet so many of us are caught in this loop. It's not a question of *if* we're going to lose, rather it seems its a question of *how much* we're *willing* to lose.
I can't lose anymore so I've called it quits. However, there's a small voice in my head that's telling me that as soon as I save $1,000 I should gamble it since it has a higher chance of making up my losses of $15,000.. Funny thing is, I'll probably lose that $1,000 and get even more in debt. The only solution is to stop.
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2021.12.03 05:03 tiddybrownie Minus the internet/cellphones/computers etc, what is an everyday technology that we take for granted?

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2021.12.03 05:03 Exact_Coconut1400 Using Avpd as an excuse for simply not liking someone anymore but not wanting to hurt their feelings

I feel like a lot of the time ppl use their attachment styles or personality disorders to get away from a person they don’t like without trying to make the other person feel completely worthless. Feelings dissipate sometimes and people feel guilty about wanting to leave their partner so it’s easier to tell them “it’s my AvPD that’s why i can’t be there for u”. many people in my life have told me they love me but can’t and will not be there for me emotionally. I don’t think some of these ppl necessarily have avpd and are actually just shitty ppl who’ve used me to cope with their loneliness or for whatever reason.
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2021.12.03 05:03 caIyps0o Lol I’m on a 5hr binge thinking I can purge everything later without absorbing any calories :)

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2021.12.03 05:03 Firm_Progress1617 ich😪iel

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2021.12.03 05:03 Portean Debunking key myths about Britain's 'broken asylum system'

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2021.12.03 05:03 MVPARLLAR45613991 Sober(Husk cover)

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2021.12.03 05:03 Jandcat27 One of a Kind

Where can I download a non live version of this song???
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2021.12.03 05:03 AppropriateAward7178 A VERY SERIOUZ QUESTION

What are yall doing after finals?
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2021.12.03 05:03 SkySource AK & Liam Thomas - Purple [Megathread]

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Note: SoundCloud and Bandcamp links should work at 1PM EST today.
All discussion about this release goes below.
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