Weird dream

2021.10.24 20:59 WhimsyBullet Weird dream

I was watching a hot celebrity tell her story of betrayal how her relationship with his ex husband was like a fairy tale come thru and after 10yrs became her worst enemy on screen. After awhile i fall asleep, then i dreamt of her.. me and her being in a relationship and fighting against all odds as people don't like us to be together and she loved me so much. Someone gave us a huge money to hide and be happy and lice our own life. We even managed to hide somewhere.. however some people got get hold of us.. and followed us but we managed to run and trap anyone who try to get in our way. What is these dream all about any thoughts appreciated. Thank you
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2021.10.24 20:59 TheRealJaccu Far cry 3 In A Nutshell

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2021.10.24 20:59 AdministrativeNail55 Hey Shibhodler

I hope you are happy
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2021.10.24 20:59 goblinbitchretard Ad ruined the joke smh

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2021.10.24 20:59 SmuttyMaggs Please keep your Brians safe! :)

Please keep your Brians safe! :)
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2021.10.24 20:59 DuckyTheLegnd Would u move to another country for free if somebody offered u or would u stay here?

Asking this question on other subreddits. Hoping for diverse answers 🇲🇩
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2021.10.24 20:59 Dannycar01 GT7 Vehicle Building

What are all the parts (performance and appearance) that we will be able to modify on our cars in Gran Turismo 7. I know we don't know all of it yet but just so I know what are all the parts we know so far?
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2021.10.24 20:59 Lex635 [SELL] [US] GUC Melanite Aligns 25” Size 8, small flaw shown in pics, $50 shipped.

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2021.10.24 20:59 iFerg_Frank Was the shorty nerfed this season secretly? I feel like the 1 shot potential has decreased

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2021.10.24 20:59 SerJoseph I just noticed. Did Saitama happen to have a dimensional manipulation ability? When he saves child emperor from Penguin Man it appears he is able to travel through dimensions and mental spaces at will

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2021.10.24 20:59 pupdates Keytarist

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2021.10.24 20:59 SirBlueEyed 28 [M4F] Louisiana/Michigan. Lets spend our nights and days together??

I'll start off by saying, Hi! I go by Blue its a nickname I got from my friends like 10 years ago and they have called me that ever since. So at this point in time im used to it more than my own name so feel free to call me Blue but, I will tell you my real name if you get curious.
I am a gamer (PC) its what I do with most if not all of my free time. I have never been one that likes to go out and party and what not. I am not opposed to it just would rather stay home and play some games with my friends. So if you're a gamer thats a huge plus if not that's totally fine we can have other interests else where!
I am currently unemployed and I'm waiting for my friends to get a house in Michigan because I want to move there so bad. I've been there before some years ago and I loved every second up there and I can't wait to get back! I havent expiernced the winter up there but seeing as I'm from Louisiana ill probably die from the cold haha.
I am a bigger guy im not skinny by any means but im working on it. I am bald but I have a nice beard that usually smells amazing just saying!
Well I'm not sure what else to really write but feel free to message me and ask me questions or if you would just like to get to know me!
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2021.10.24 20:59 twentycentcoffeee Faster way to download information?

I’ve been trying to download an anatomy textbook and painting skills into my character but it’s been taking a long time and temporarily freezes. Is it usually this slow at downloading information?
I heard there are ways to fix this, such as purchasing the “Adderall” substance, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the risk of introducing a new food to my avatar’s diet. Anyone know of any other solutions?
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2021.10.24 20:59 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy Vidulum (VDL) - Step By Step Guide

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2021.10.24 20:59 viceboi666 Please enjoy :)

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2021.10.24 20:59 Haniloo Which outfits, exactly, are 75% off?

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2021.10.24 20:59 Raptorsquadron Maintaining gas snow blower and runtime of cordless electric snow blowers

Hi, I live in western Washington, up the in mountains and away from the cities.
It's nearly 300 ft from my house to the road which will be cleared in a snowstorm, with snow ranging from 5 inches to about a foot deep. Currently, I have a corded (I know, silly in hindsight) Snow Joe SJ62E which does the job when clearing it.
I'm currently thinking of purchasing another snow blower that can clear the path to civilization. Two problems that are obstructing me to make a decision: 1) I've never purchased gas equipment before, I have no idea where to get the gasoline, how to maintain it(I've heard it's difficult to maintain it since it's a motor part), is it difficult with more spending (engine oil and the time it needs to figure those out)? 2) If I'm going with a cordless electric one, what's the runtime for it? It is said most electric snow blowers have the issue with runtime, and since I'm expecting high snow depth and long drive ways. Is it all that practical to get an electric one (I'm willing to buy an extra set of battery if it needs be)?
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2021.10.24 20:59 Van_D_Gogh One piece characters as Pokemons

What do u guys think would be the primary pokemon for the One piece characters? (Not including legendary Pokemon except for legendary characters like Yonkos)
My choice for the SH are: Luffy - Infernape Zoro - Hydreigon Sanji - Blaziken Nami - Castform Usopp - Shiftry Franky - Golurk Brook - Alolan Marowak or Duskull Chopper - Stantler Robin - Roserade or Galade
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2021.10.24 20:59 GMPNFT 48 Male - Portland Oregon. Seeking younger woman ideally submissive for LTR

Single male, kinky and dominant older of course. Hard worker, easy going but fun. I live alone, No kids, no pets, no fam nearby. I need you to be submissive, sane, fun, clean, feminine, lovely cute, enjoy the presence of an older man. One that is going to be your pillar and rock to rely and lean on.
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2021.10.24 20:59 pashag3g [Creality Official] 6 rolls of Creality PLA (Black or White) - $69.99 ($11.67 per)

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2021.10.24 20:59 BiologyIs Help setting up growing area

Hi Ents! So we are hopefully moving in 4-6 months, so I figured this is enough time to grow and would like assistance in the basics I will need. This is illegal everything, so we are setting up in a bathroom that we don't use (mainly to keep my plants from being stolen), with the advantage of irrigation and some air flow. I am going for 4-6 plants in a 3x3', trying to do a stepped ladder for easy arrangement. Would this be enough space? We set up a second light in the bathroom, so we have 2 led light bulbs there, but I want to make sure the correct ones are in, what would you recommend for potency (is that even the correct word?) What is the best way to germinate my seeds? I have been growing outdoors but the plants don't seem to grow well, they start flowering by the 7th node, even with fiming. Would it be best to germinate in water, or directly in the pot? Thanks for any recommendations!
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2021.10.24 20:59 No-Pomegranate-7523 can i ask my bf questions about his old sexual ASMR YouTube channel?

hi, my bf (25M) and i (20F) met through a channel of his on YouTube. where he made ASMR videos for women (the sexual kind). i reached out to him and we eventually started talking and he shut down the channel around 2 weeks after we first spoke. we've been in a LDR for about 10 months now, but i keep thinking about one comment that i remember seeing on one of his videos. it was "found you on Reddit, was not disappointed". he never mentioned he was doing anything on reddit, and i have never asked.
im worried now that it's too late to ask without seeming weird, but ive been painfully anxious these past few weeks about a lot of things and this has become one of my current triggers and i just feel like i would get some relief if i just asked him about it. but then im worried he'll look into it as me trying to find problems in our relationship when everything is fine. please tell me if you think i should ask him about it and how i could go about it, but likewise tell me if i should just leave it.
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2021.10.24 20:59 MemerThoughts Superman can never morally use his laser eyes around cats.

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2021.10.24 20:59 Hyphalex How do you make amends with almonds?

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2021.10.24 20:59 Hollow_5oul AI rates streamers based on beauty

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