30-(M4M)- Looking for JO buddy

2021.10.24 22:25 Particular-Rent2647 30-(M4M)- Looking for JO buddy

Hey everyone!
Anyone ever down to meet up and watch some porn and possibly do a JO sesh. I’m straight but always down to stroke with another straight bro. I think it’s cool to check out the girls and talk about what we like about her and what we’d do. The normal stuff ya know. Let me know if you’re down. I’m hosting. Let me know
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2021.10.24 22:25 aFuckingFussyDuck You know what it is look at my username

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2021.10.24 22:25 JJHawkJJ Just Wanted to Recommend EERO mesh wifi system

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2021.10.24 22:25 jmanhajh [Lazerus] The Blackhawks now own the NHL record for longest start to a season without holding a lead.

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2021.10.24 22:25 autismhero4 hi

sorry i asked this but im scared please offer kind advice hello i might need dental work soon the place i go uses liquid versed a syrup i drink that is watermelon flavored and the laughing gas which will smell like bubble gum and 2 ketamine shots and they use a blue papoose board with a head immobilizer, pulse thing on my toe, the work i might need is fillings crowns deep cleaning sealants, the place as that you wear pajamas or comfy clothes, they ask that a pullup or diaper is worn too not required bit recommenced they allow stuffed animals too the visit would take 4 hours i do have autism and special needs the place is pediatric dental place any support helps
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2021.10.24 22:25 BearsWithHooves Where's a good free place to post your game?

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2021.10.24 22:25 deathshadow150 Are you ok dude?

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2021.10.24 22:25 doesitturnuon its never a good sign when your about to refer to your mothers breasts as tender

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2021.10.24 22:25 LowerExtension5773 🚀Burning Quick (bQuick) 🚀 | 🔥 x100 Potential |😮New BSC token | 22K Market CAP😮| 25% Burned 🔥 |

Burning Quick is the new hyper-deflationary token built to burn quick as possible.
Unlike a burn from a non-circulating supply, the buyback feature immediately transfers value to the token holders and the community by purchasing tokens from the open market to burn. So far 25% of the token supply have been sent to the burn wallet address and the token is not even one month old.
The goal of this token is to build a solid community that believe in the long time vision. Bquick will be the change that everyone needs.
This is a project with dedicated team and devs. Always active and ready to answer all questions on telegram.
• Total supply: 1,000,000,000 - 25% Burned ✔️
• 22k MC✔️
• Holder reward= 2% ✔️
• Buyback= 10% ✔️
• Marketing= 3% ✔️
• Public visible Marketing Wallet + Dev Wallet + Buyback wallet
🐕Contract: 0xaf510eb210c01263dd74c54a4101beac60b5101e
🐕Pancakeswap :https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xaf510eb210c01263dd74c54a4101beac60b5101e
🐕Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xaf510eb210c01263dd74c54a4101beac60b5101e#readContract
Don't miss this gem out. Easy minimum 10x gain. Soon listings on CoinGecko and CMC.
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2021.10.24 22:25 Farriah_the_foot Bruce Campbell Fred Williamson Doppelganger

You'll have to google the images yourself, but I was watching a movie and was astounded that Fred Williamson is the spitting image of Bruce Campbell, they even seem to have similar personalities. S**t's whack, I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this?
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2021.10.24 22:25 PM_ME_SSTEAM_KEYS haha🤔yes

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2021.10.24 22:25 jacaso WEAR YOUR PAJAMAS TO SCHOOL DAY

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2021.10.24 22:25 Feel_Better_Richard And story time! Anyone who would like to hear the Book of Kwah: Addendum read to them may have it done so!

The Book of Kwah:
Chapter I:
Verse I: And so saith Apba, the Good LORD in the Highest Heaven, the Holiest of Holy Fathers, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Brahman, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jesus, and Mohammad,
Verse II: Satan, Lucifer, the devil, the deceiver, shall be forgiven when he, Lucifer, kneels at the throne of heaven before the feet of God, the Father Almighty, and prays to Him for forgiveness in the precious perfectly perfect name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Lord, redeemer and savior of the world, and repents of all the sins he had committed and promises to tell no more lies.
Verse III: Then and only then shall Satan, Lucifer, be forgiven by God, the Father Almighty.
Chapter II:
Verse I: And so saith the LORD, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Creator of All Creation,
Verse II: If Satan even can be forgiven, surely any sinner who repents shall be forgiven.
Verse III: For Jesus Christ gave His life for the sake of the entire world, and anyone who professes Jesus Christ as Lord and savior is saved.
Verse IV: And those who are saved or will be saved shall see Richard Junwon Chi, the reincarnation of Siddhartha Gautama, with their own two eyes.
Verse V: And in doing so, they shall know that they are guaranteed a place in heaven.
Chapter III:
Verse I: And the faithful shall flock to Connecticut of the United States, for there shall the Good LORD bring New Jerusalem to Earth.
Verse II: And there in New Jerusalem shall Timothy of New Orleans, the Second Coming of Christ come to dwell.
Chapter IV:
Verse I: And anyone who reads these verses and prays them aloud on their knees is guaranteed a place in heaven as well.
Verse II: O God, Father Almighty, please forgive me for all my sins. In Jesus’s perfect name, Amen.
Verse III: And O God, please make me pray to you more often. In Jesus’s precious name, Amen.
Verse IV: Do not however, make a habit out of simply repeating prewritten prayers, for the Good LORD much prefers thoughtful, mindful prayers.
Verse V: This is how the Buddha suggests you pray:
Verse VI: First think of three things you are grateful for. You must list them out loud at the very least, or even better, write them down in a little prayer journal, for to do so is to will it into existence.
Verse VII: Second, you should think of three things you are sorry for; again, say them aloud or write them down.
Verse VIII: Third and lastly; ask God to do three things for you. If he thinks you’ve been a good role model amongst His children and deserves what you’re asking for, He just may give it to you.
Verse IX: And then, don’t forget to end the prayer in Jesus’s name, because God doesn’t hear or care to look at any prayer not delivered to him in the perfect name of Jesus.
Chapter V:
Verse I: And so saith the LORD through Richard Chi:
Verse II: Also remember to shut your door. That’s the rule, you have to close it. The door can’t be ajar, it can’t be wide open. You have to be alone in your room to pray. Then you too shall hear the voice of God.
Chapter VI:
Verse I: You must remember to do all things out of love, for God is love. And he who acts out of love has God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit dwelling within him.
Verse II: But hate is Satan. He who acts out of hatred has Satan dwelling within him.
Verse III: Therefore, be careful to do all things in love, so that only God dwells within you. Do not give Satan any foothold.
Chapter VII:
Verse I: Remember, always. God is love.
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2021.10.24 22:25 Spinundrum Pros Ap - Big Pros

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2021.10.24 22:25 Little-Dig3559 !! IMPORTANT !! POV: you have 2 longtime friends and they both went to vegas to celebrate their birthday without you, would you have them part of your bridal party?? you were considering them to be involved @ one point

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2021.10.24 22:25 plantpredator My pellicles are turning green around the edges, has anyone seen this before?

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2021.10.24 22:25 TraditionalGoal422 🍜 Meals Token *Stealth Launch! - Crypto trading with a purpose!

I'm bringing another promising charity token. This time it's to raise funds to feed those in need, with the first charity donations towards NoKidHungry® I've spoken with the dev about the vision and the community is super supportive and wants to turn this into a great project. The dev is doxxed and super active in Telegram.
"Meals Token is a true honest charity token! That’s why for every transaction we tax a donation fee on your behalf. We thought this was a pretty good idea to help the less fortunate while most people are just gambling anyways!
"Our mission since day one has been to help those in need with Meals & NoKidHungry® is the most reputable place for us to do so. When the project first started back in April, a proven total of $5650 was donated. Unfortunately after those amazing contributions, Pancakeswap migrated to a version 2 and all of the Meals Token liquidity was stuck locked for an entire year. We faced difficulties migrating the locked liquidity to v2 & the project was put on the back-burner until now."
Dev Doxxed | Donations Made | BUSD Rewards -It does not get much better!!
A deflationary charity-driven rewards token on Binance Smart Chain. Make an impact, make a trade!
Twitter influencers are in talks with us and marketing wallet is ready to go! We're ready to launch this project to the moon! WE ARE EARLY!
Meals token, developed and run by Austin Arrowood, focuses on raising funds to help feed those in need. Organizations donated to are decided by a poll in the telegram giving everyone a say! Stay thirsty my friends, but never hungry 📷📷
We are planning to partner with other big names in the charity sector, specifically those who share our ideas and would like to change the World together! We want to help every child, anywhere in the world, so the sky is the limit for this project.
📷CHARITY RAISED 📷 8% of each transaction is distributed to charity organizations as decided by the community. Our first mission is sending donations to NoKidHungry.org, and you can see on their Twitter that we have already started donating!
📷STATIC REWARDS 📷 4% of each buy and sell transaction redistributes back to holders in BUSD. Watch as your $BUSD token balance increases indefinitely!
📷AUTOMATIC LP 📷 4% of every trade contributes to an auto-generated liquidity pool.
Already over $5650 in donations with their last startup project in Pancakeswap v1 📷
Poocoin Ad's coming when liquidity reaches $10K 📷
Awesome community that’s growing everyday 📷
Low Market Cap just over 45k as of posting 📷
Liquidity Locked 📷
20BNB Raised for marketing BY THE COMMUNITY in the first 24 hours of launching 📷
🌐 Official Links
🐕Contract: 0x0ae949ded9f893fe61b5b469b087f8739036dad3
🐕Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x0ae949ded9f893fe61b5b469b087f8739036dad3
🐕Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x0ae949ded9f893fe61b5b469b087f8739036dad3#readContract
AMA with Crypto Talkz community next week! Rewards dashboard in development & so much more to look forward to!
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2021.10.24 22:25 HighDxwion 7K+ stoner discord!

Hey Stoners/Nic Fiens, we made a smoking friendly discord server for everyone to enjoy! (We are doing a 150$ Vaporizer Giveaway at 7.5K Members!) The server was originally made during covid for people to smoke together without spreading corona & also meet new friends. I have added a ton of awesome features to this server to make it as interesting and fun as possible within our custom bot & even went as far as making a website! The servers name is Menace of Society & currently has 7k members & growing, here some of our features the server has: -Daily Sesh’s -Daily Events
-Growing Chats
-Trip Sitters -Gaming Chat -Anime Chat
-Self Promotional Chats -Active Staff -420 Games -Giveaways - & More Here’s a link to the Website: https://www.menaceofsociety.org/home Here’s a link to the Discord: https://discord.gg/S7BSkDF788
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2021.10.24 22:25 Qbertt5681 3.1 soundbar recommendations

What are some good options if I just want a good quality 3.1 soundbar to go with a new Sony x95j tv? Clear dialogue is important.
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2021.10.24 22:25 sleepd3prived Unlucky 13?

Very new to the game. Have been seeing it around a lot and was not sure what it meant. What are the Unlucky 13?
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2021.10.24 22:25 sci56 Major Briggs disappearance

In Season 2 when Briggs first disappeared the Air Force General said his disappearance 'made the Cold War seem like a case of the sniffles'. He was born with hardware etc..
Then, in Season 3 the Pentagon is tracking all the instances of his fingerprints appearing when he went missing or hibernating, & they seem very concerned. What that amounts to is contacting the FBI/Cole.
If Briggs was a key to national security, it seems like Cole was the man who took over the job somehow. Cole was with all the odd equipment that it was described Major Briggs used in the woods. But didn't use it where Major Briggs did and ofc it's unclear what it was/ if it was the same.
Although, it did not seem as though the pursuit of the White Lodge was explored as much as preventing the Black Lodge in S3. Correct me if I'm wrong?
Or if the Fireman's realm was intended to be the White Lodge itself? I do not know. Major Briggs spirit seemed to exist there at one point, so perhaps that's what it was?
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2021.10.24 22:25 TheTruePeque Two guys are throwing eggs to a house. Then they hear an old man's voice,

-If you keep messing 'round Batman will come for ya'!
The two guys just laugh out loud.
-Have you grown senile old man? Batman ain't real!
An almost two-meter tall figure comes out of the house' main door. His face is all wrinkled unlike his body that was far too ripped to have any wrinkles. And in his hand there it was... A bat. He then says,
-Oh boy. I'm plenty f*cking real.
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2021.10.24 22:25 Wrig13MN Looking for Collection Checklist

I am looking to see if anyone has a Checklist for a collectors purpose, preferably a Google sheet so i can make a copy of it for personal use.
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2021.10.24 22:25 in_a_land_far_away Pool Concentration Problems- How to solve?

I have just recently got into mining XMR on my ryzen 5 3600 and I was delighted in discovering p2pool and how amazing an innovation this is in terms of true decentralisation of the hashpower. But looking on https://miningpoolstats.stream/monero the largest mining pool, minexmr.com , has controls 33% of the hashrate and produced 51 of the last 100 blocks (over 50%!). Given the recent innovation of p2pool how much longer will XMR remain this centralised in hashrate and is there anything we the community can do about it other than joining p2pool and contributing to the hashrate (in my case 6 measly k/H). Any answers appreciated. Pls do correct me if I got anything wrong I'm relatively new to Monero :)
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2021.10.24 22:25 Narwhalmoose What is a bad answer to “How many pairs of pants do you own”?

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